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Have You Noticed the Temperature Rising in Your Car?

Tips from a Towing Service Provider on How to Deal With an Overheated Car

Being towing service providers, many of the clients of Bighouse Towing LLC have asked us what they can do when their vehicle starts to overheat. If this does occur, try following a few of these basic tips.

An overheating car can cause the driver to panic. Some of the reasons cars overheat range from an engine that is no longer able to effectively dispel heat, the coolant that has run out, a cracked cap seal, or it needs oil. By running down this list, it will allow you to determine the cause of your overheating car.

There are, however, a few things that you can do that will temporarily stop an overheating car. These tactics should work, in theory, until you can bring your car to a service station to determine the true root of the problem. First, try to increase the temperature in your car by turning up all the heaters. When you increase the heat in your car, any additional engine heat is extracted.

If this trick fails to do the trick, you can add a cup of water to your car’s antifreeze tank. Even though this dilutes the antifreeze, it will also cool your car down. Of course, if you have antifreeze, adding this will be a better idea. If you have enough antifreeze already, the problem may be down to a blocked hose.

You should only remove the antifreeze hose when you know where it is. Once a hose is removed, you will be able to look inside to determine whether or not the hose is indeed blocked. This can also be done by blowing into the hose, which will also be able to dislodge any obstacles. By systematically going through each of these tips, your car should stop overheating. However, some problems will not be fixable by these, and professional help will be needed.

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