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Reasons Why You Need a Roadside Assistance

What Are the Most Common Reasons Cars Break Down?

On roads and interstates, it’s typical to see vehicles break down, so there’s a good chance you could eventually find yourself stuck. Fortunately, you can get your car started or have it towed to the closest shop for repairs with the help of roadside assistance or towing services.

Here are a few of the main causes of breakdowns and their potential solutions:

Possible Causes of a Vehicle Breakdown

Insufficient Gas

Running out of gas is one of the most frequent causes of drivers getting stranded on the road, despite the fact that it may seem impossible. When this occurs, your car will stop you from moving forward and make you slowly come to a stop.

If this happens, stop in the closest parking lot or by the side of the road, turn on your hazard lights, and let other cars know you’re there. Companies that offer emergency assistance frequently offer fuel delivery services, which can help you swiftly resume your journey by recharging your car.

Flat Tires

Rolling over nails or screws can puncture tires, allowing air to leak out and leading to flat tires. They might also occur as a result of tread or sidewall deterioration that lets air to escape. You may experience peculiar pounding noises, vibrations, and pulling in the direction of the issue wheel if you obtain a flat tire.

If you experience these signs, safely stop at the curb. To get you back on the road, roadside help can meet you and change your tires.

Dead Battery

The spark required to ignite the mixture of air and fuel inside the engine is provided by auto batteries. Additionally, they turn on the stereo, the lights, and the power doors and locks.

When it’s time to travel home or to work, an outdated battery may lose voltage, making it impossible for your car to start. In addition, the electrical systems could stop working. If you don’t have jumper cables or another car battery to use, emergency services can easily provide this service for you. A jump-start can charge a dead battery sufficiently for you to drive to the closest auto shop and have it replaced.

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